Tweeze Your Brows

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Your Brows

Which Tweezer?

Thin Tip: Good for grasping small, fine hair, and plucking ingrown hair.

Slanted Tip: Gives maximum control.

Square Tip: Best used for removing coarse hair or several strands of hair at a time.

1.Tweeze immediately after showering or apply a hot washcloth to loosen hair follicles.

2.Hold a pencil vertically along the side of the nose. Eyebrow should start from the outside edge of pencil.

Hint: Leaving a bit more space will widen close-set eyes.

3. Hold pencil to the outside of an eye. This is where the eyebrow of a bombshell should end.

4. Smoothen brows with a little moisturizer to help hair slide out.

5. Brush brows up to find a natural arch.

6. Draw in the desired shape before hand with a soft eye shadow pencil.

Hint: Don’t use an eyeliner pencil. It will cause you to pluck too much.

7. Tweeze under the brow first, plucking in the direction of the growth.

Hint: If your plucking becomes too painful, apply a little anbesol (This pain reliever for teeth also numbs the brows)

8. Using an eyelash comb, comb brows upwards and trim any hair that extends beyond the natural top or brow bone.

9. After tweezing, soothe the area with cool, wet tea bags.