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Flash Back September 1997

People turn around to condemn Terrorism
It can be stated without contradiction that the Army has not been able to liquidate insurgency despite launching of two operations ? Operations Bajrang and Operation Rhino in Assam since November 29, 1990.  The state has enforced the Disturbed Areas Act and the Armed Forces (Assam and Manipur) Special Powers Act, 1959, and there is no difficulty for the security forces to operate. Under the provisions of these Acts, any Army official not below the rank of a Havildar can fire upon any person without orders from the Magistrate. Raids and searches can be carried out by them even at night. Such sweeping and arbitrary powers also have not yielded the desired results. In this background it is unrealistic to expect that the clamping of President?s Rule would eradicate insurgency and violence.  The setting up of the ?unified headquarters? or unified command structure since January 20, 1997 has also not produced the desired results. However, it would be patently unfair to deny any credit to the new organization arrangement for containing the insurgency.......

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Flash Back August 1997

The Agony of Indian Tribals after fifty years of Independence

The tribal community of India is deprived of their due share, even after 50 years of our Independence. It is disheartening to note that the Indian Tribals  are at lowebb in socio, economic and political spheres compared to other communities of India. The much talked “social justice” the needy and suffering community like those of tribals. The income yielding economic assets are found in extreme paucity among the tribals than those of other communities of India. This factors is the root cause for the myriads ailments affecting the tribal community.

Indian tribal population are predominantly living in the forest regions  from the time immemorial. In the recent years,  in the name of development the land and forest resources owned by them are under encroachment and the very survival is at stake in almost all the States of India except in the North-Eastern states like Arunachal Pradesh. Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and Meghalaya. The forest land traditionally used by them are now forcefully used for development programmes like construction of dams, river valley project, industries etc. As a .......

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Flash Back July 1997

Boundary Disputes Between Assam and Meghalaya

The North East Coordination Committee on Human Rights (NECOHR), Meghalaya State Chapter, will be taking up the issue of the vexed border disputes between Assam and Meghalaya to bring about “people to people participation” in finding an amicable solution to the decades old problem. An executive meeting of the NECOHR (Central Committee) recently held at Guwahati resolved to appeal to the NGOs in both states to meet and thrash out the problem and to pressurize the respective governments to work out a solution. This was necessary as there seems to be no political will to resolve the issue due to vested interests profiting from the dispute, said a press release. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back July 1997

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Flash Back June 1997

Remembering the Battle of Kohima

Lieutenant General Sir Michael Rose, DCB, DSO, QGM, ADC Gen; Adjutant General of the United Kingdom arrived at Kohima on May 1 to visit the site where soldiers of the 2nd Division of the British Army had fought and died during the battle of Kohima in 1944.

The General who commanded the 2nd Division in 1990 and belongs to the Cold Stream Guards visited the historic War Cemetery at the state capital Kohima and laid wreaths on the monument commemorating the battle of Kohima. The latter one bears the plaque which reads – ‘When you go home, tell them of us; that for their tomorrow, we gave our today’. The words ‘2nd Division’ (of the British Army) were also etched into the rock of the pedestal of the same monument. The General also made it a point that the Indian Army Generals also should lay wreaths for their Indian soldiers who also gave their lives in the battle of Kohima.
Earlier, a civic reception was also accorded by the state administration in the traditional Naga way by presentation of Naga sashes and shawls. Among the civil officers present were Mr. V. Sekhose, Deputy Commissioner, Kohima and the Superintendent of Police, Kohima.

The visiting entourage included Brigadier R A Draper, Mrs. Draper and Captain Rupert Lockwood, ADC. Colonel KKK Singh from Army headquarters also accompanied the entourage.

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Flash Back May 1997

25 Years of Mizoram Legislative Assembly

Mizoram is all geared up to celebrate 25 years of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly slated for 10th May 1997. Mr. Vaivenga, the Speaker of the Assembly said that preparations for the celebration was nearing completion.

A DIPR Aizawl press release added that the first Mizoram Legislative Assembly was held on the 10th of May 1972 when the state was declared a Union Territory.

Mr. Vaivenga said that since 1972 Mizoram has been upholding democracy and free and fair elections were successfully conducted. The smooth functioning of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly has been maintaining all disciplinary norms, which Mr. Vaivanga added calls for a commemorative celebration. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back May 1997