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Flash Back November 1997

Inside ULFA’s camp

It was late afternoon when after along the national highway I reached the small roadside market as directed on telephone which hours ago I called from the city centre giving the taxi number I was travelling by. I was to leave the taxi here and the rest would be taken care of, I was assured.

As my taxi pulled up before a small shop as indicated on phone earlier, a youngman emerged and asked “You are ....

I left the hired taxi and got into another one from the road side. In the front seat there were two youths beside the driver, in the rear there was one more person beside me. We talked very little, other than: “Hope you had a comfortable journey. No problems, I hope. Now you won’t have any problems.” The journey took another three hours. Then it stopped in front of a house. Four young men came out of the house and welcomed me. I was taken into small room having bed, table and two chairs. There were some 12th class books lying on.