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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

No wonder, unemployment in India is increasing at an alarming rate. This year it has worsened pre-post covid 19. We have seen people migrating in huge number after the emergency announcement of lockdown. Many left their job and many lived without jobs and many are still seeking for jobs...This may lead to a frustration where unemployed persons can easily be enticed by antisocial elements. People unemployed for a long time may indulge in illegal and wrongful activities and increase crime in the country.

The theory is already proven with many scams across the country. One example is from the recent incident happened, which has rocked the state of Assam. The political tug of war is ongoing, ever since the incident has popped up. The question paper for the 597 position of Sub-Inspector which was supposed to be appeared by 66000 candidates, was leaked and circulated via Whatsapp. After thorough investigation it was found that, it was done by none other than the former DIG of Assam Mr. P.K Dutta. He also confirmed his involvement with the influential people from the political background. The cartel continues and hence the chaos is running throughout the state.

When a person in the system is corrupt, then to whom the general people would appeal. Scam has a wide tail of network. It cannot be carried out without the help of the person involved in the official system. Therefore, it is rightly said, that the cleaning should be started from Home. But, somewhere down the line, we ourselves are responsible for allowing and being taken for a ride by these people, aren’t we?

Scammers know that finding a job can be tough. They also make promises and virtually all of them ask you to pay them for their services before you get a job. But, everyone should understand... If one has to pay for the promise, it is likely a scam. Unemployment has been the real cause behind the random fraudsters. According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) data, India has recorded a spike in its unemployment rate in both urban and rural sectors in October. India’s unemployment rate rose to 6.98% in October from 6.67% in September.

No wonder many schemes have been implemented by the central Government emphasising on self dependent work or Atma Nirbhar Bharat. But has it really work wonders??? Well the time and report will say that.

However, the Government should take note of it in order to address the social and economic welfare of the citizens. Strong laws should be enforced to tackle unemployment, backing the employment schemes launched by the Government of India sincerely and responsibly.

Dr. K. K. Jhunjhunwala

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