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Halle Berry’s Stalker Arrested

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. But, seriously Richard Franco, that doesn’t give you an excuse to stalk the star.

This 27-year old has been arrested  for trespassing on Berry’s property. He did it three times over three days, till the police finally nabbed him. Franco jumped over a wall at Berry’s home, the third consecutive day he’s tried to get close to the actress. Add a comment Read more: Glam Gossip
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Lindsay Lohan’s Epiphany

Lindsay Lohan is really getting screwed over by the criminal justice system.

Serving her jail sentence inside a $2.25 million, beach house in Venice Beach, California, where she relaxes, parties and gets paid big bucks to shoot commercials??? That’ll teach her! Add a comment Read more: Lindsay Lohan’s Epiphany

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Justin Bieber Snubbed By Rihanna

Justin Bieber was reportedly prevented from talking to Rihanna at the Billboard Music Awards by her security guards after approaching her five times.

Justin Bieber was blocked by security when trying to talk to Rihanna at the Billboard Music Awards.

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Charlie Sheen Wants Mila Kunis

Apparently Charlie Sheen watched Black Swan recently because now he can’t shut up about making Mila Kunis one of his goddesses. Also, cocaine makes you a delusional egomaniac. Probably should point that out, too. RadarOnline reports: Add a comment Read more: Glam Gossip

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Ashton Kutcher’s CRAZY Workout Scenarios

Ashton Kutcher is staying in shape specifically because he wants to be fit when the revolution comes and he has to protect his family. Ashton recently opened up about his theory of how things will go down when whatever big event happens that turns us all into raving lunatics. Kutcher says that he trains because he believes all hell is going to break loose someday, and when it does, only the meanest, smartest and strongest will survive.That’s why, as he jogs up the steepest of grades at Runyon Canyon near his Los Angeles home, he pretends he is being chased by wild boars or aliens, Add a comment Read more: Glam Gossip

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Royal Engagement Photos

Months before the happy couple is set to wed, Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton are already showing a little royal flush - in their newly released engagement photos, that is.

The much-talked-about princess-to-be and her prince charming posed during a two-hour shoot with fashion photographer Mario Testino, and the results were glowing, according to the world-renowned photographer.

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