BHUPEN HAZARIKA BRIDGE Connecting minds connecting hearts

musician, poet, singer, Asom Ratna Bhupen Hazarika. Addressing the nation from Khanapara Veterinary ground in Guwahati, Prime Minister said “Am ready to pay any price for the sake of well being of 1.25 crore countrymen,” In his speech he said that the bridge will not only save money and reduce travel time but it is set to be the foundation for the beginning of the new economic revolution. He expressed his honour to inaugurate the Dhola Sadiya Bridge which is said to be the major infrastructure project with multiple benefits for the North East.

He said if development is needed permanently then infrastructure is the first preference. He gave importance to two tracksphysical and social infrastructure for complete development and for fulfilling the dreams of the Nation. Overall PM Modi spoke about five elements viz., highways, railways, waterways, airways and i-ways, regarding it several transformative initiative have been undertaken in the last three years by the Modi government stating its commitment towards enhancing its progress.

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