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PMC Bank and the fate of its account holders…


Enforcement Directorate or ED has identified and recovered movable and immovable properties and assets worth Rs 3830 Crore owned by HDIL and its promoters /directors of PMC.


Who are the Promoters of HDIL?


The promoter of HDIL is the former chairman of PMC Banks and rest is the scam.


Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank, PMC bank, fewer people are aware of this bank in the eastern part of country. The cooperative banks are formulated for the social welfare of society, not for profit maximization, the ideology behind creating a co-operative bank.

PMC bank is the largest urban cooperative bank to be placed under the RBI watch since 2001. PMC bank was founded in the year 1984 in a single room from a single branch currently the bank touched 137 branches  across six states Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. 


What went wrong for such a bank which started with a modest outlook?

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Plastic has entered our planet in 1870. John Wesley Hyatt, an American extracted plastic from a material called celluloid. By 2015, the world produced 322 million tons of plastic. But realization of adverse impact of plastic on environment has dawned. Today, the world has to struggle to recover from plastic deluge. In this battle, against plastic human must achieve victory and, failing that, plastic will lay us to the rest. If human is the part of problem, human can be a part of solution to that problem. The recent call of avoiding the single-use of plastic sound convincing. It is going to be just a step forward friendly to Nature considering the host of human activities which are detrimental to Nature. The natural environment is dying for a much-needed respite from plastic pollutant. The move is laudable given the disastrous effect of this nuisance on our planet. It should have been a reality long ago, because non-biodegradable plastic has already taken toll on the health of environment, but better late than never.

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