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Dhubri District Publicity Secretary of Simanta Chetana Mancha Purvottar, Dipankar Mazumdar caught attention of border management agencies with his innovative ideas to manage the border with direct intervention of people living in the border in a seminar on “Smart Border Management” organised by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on December 16 and 17.

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A Brainstorming Conclave was organised by North East Centre For Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) at the Auditorium of the Administrative College at Khanapara of Guwahati on November last year.

NECTAR has a unique and distinct mandate to be a Solution Designer and a partnership institution in focusing on providing technology applications for unique problems of the Northeast in consultation with State Governments. Once the technology gaps and the needs of the state governments are understood, NECTAR, as per its mandate, is required to scout for appropriate technologies to address the same from centrally funded laboratories/institutes and then on successful demonstration, transfer it to State Governments for replication. 

Dr. Partha Jyoti Das, Secretary of an NGO Aranyak, drew the attention towards the flood and suggested various solutions to the perennial flood with the help of existing technology.

Prof P. Mahanta, Director of NIT Arunachal Pradesh, focused on taking some experimental projects on various problems that Assam is conflicting with, while Sh. Ravi Shankar, Director of NID Jorhat, proposed bamboo based industries for manufacturing furniture and other industrial products.

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It’s Green everywhere with little signs of saffron in Jharkhand as the tribal-dominated state voted Jharkhand MuktiMorcha and pre-poll alliance partners Congress and RashtriyaJanta Dal to power giving a clear mandate to serve 3.30 crore population of the mineral-rich state.

This is second decisive mandate by the voters of Jharkhand. First they did it in 2014 giving a clear mandate to BJP and ally and now in 2019 to the new political dispensation uprooting Raghubar Das government allegedly due to anti-tribal stands, chief minister’s sheer arrogance, previous government allegedly relaxing land laws to facilitate industries, in-fight amongst the BJP leadership among other.

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YOOTS, (YOUTH ORGANIZATION ON A TRIALBLAZING SOCIETY), is a youth service centre formed on 24 September 2019, Shillong to engage the youths in the civic, cultural, social and economic life. The organization is  certified under the Meghalaya  Societies Registaration  ACT X11 OF 1883,(NO SR/YOOTS-34/19  of 2019).

To mark the launch of the YOOTS, the organization  hosted a beauty pageant entitled “Mr and Miss Earth Meghalaya 2019”.This initiative was to fortify their confidence level, develop a sense of responsibility towards oneself, culture, and country. Various courses contributes to human development, also fashion has become imperative in developing the individual wholly. The organization is focussed to involve and integrate the youths in various social spheres.

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The following major rules will generally affect most of the account holders in respect of charges and fees levied on them.

 Average Minimum Balance 

A lot of customers were not aware until they were charged with substantial deduction when they found the balance showed negative or after depositing money, the balance reduced.

Now the AMB is reduced from Rs 5000 to Rs 3000 for urban areas. This particular change is a good move for most people.

In semi-urban, the limit is Rs 2000 and Rural limit is Rs 1000/-  

It’s always better to maintain AMB to avoid unnecessary charge range from Rs 10 plus GST depending on the slabs and other conditions.

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