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26th January of every year in India is celebrated all over the country as Republic Day. Republic Day is a national holiday and celebrated to honor the birth of the Indian Constitution in 1950. A grand national parade organized at the Rajpath in New Delhi every year to mark the importance of Republic Day is a major event and a spectacular occasion that celebrates the unity of India by showcasing its diversity, besides displaying the country’s defense capability and its cultural and social heritage. Most important people on this day unfurl the National Flag and chant the National Anthem followed by the rendering of an emphatic salute demonstrating their love and devotion towards their country. This is usually also followed by a celebratory parade and refreshments.

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Whenever the elections, be it of the Lok Sabha or State Assembly or even of the civic bodies whatsoever, are round the corner, all the political parties which are in the fray remain busy preparing poll strategies to put up brave front against the opponents with a view to winning as much seats as possible to brighten the prospects of taking over the rein of government. It is possible, only if a political outfit has a good service record. A ruling party becomes popular among the electors if it fulfils at least some basic needs of the people or delivering those goods. But, the ruling BJP loses much of its credibility among some sections of voters in several Hindi heartland states such as Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh where it had strong footing for not doing what it had promised before elections.

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As a Service, we have been declaring, to the world, that we 'stand by' our colleagues, who have apparently been dealt unfairly. The question remains, what do we mean by that? Are we willing to go to jail for them? Or are we willing to go jail with them? Perhaps we can pool in their legal fees then. Except that marquee lawyers take upwards of a crore per hearing, and divided among 5000 odd IAS officers, that is some 2000 rupees per hearing per officer. Not a fortune, but surely it would make many people wary of standing by. 

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The river is a precious gift of Nature. They sustain a source of sustenance like agriculture and fishing. The less obvious functions served by the river is that they are feeding and spawning areas of fish and other aquatic life forms. Besides, they can purify water by absorbing pollutants and can regulate flood.  The sand producing river does a great justice by storing water which helps groundwater replenishment. Though last but not least, they can be used of transportation. Often they are the source of religious and recreational activities. So, in a nutshell, besides economic service, the ecological aid of river is tremendous.

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BGR is the eighth largest refinery of Indian Oil Bongaigaon Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. is considered as a lifeline for many who have been directly or indirectly engaged for their livelihood particularly from the neighbouring districts. This is the only major industry in Lower Assam giving avenues for direct; indirect employment and contributing towards growth and development of the under developed part of Assam.

The refinery has a uniqueness of its own with an existence of over 45 long years. BGR, serving the energy needs of the state along with the rest of the nation is located amidst spectacular beauty in the Chirang district of BTC, Assam.

In an informal discussion with Associate Editor of Eastern Panorama, Bijoy Kumar Sharma at Manas Guest House in BGR Township, Chief General Manager (In-Charge) of  Bongaigaon Refinery, Mr. Gopal Chandra Sikder apprised BGR’s contribution in nation building by meeting and fulfilling people’s hopes and aspiration with a commitment on Corporate Social Responsibility Schemes.

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