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With the curfew considerably relaxed in the city and no instances of violence taking place, it appears normalcy is finally returning to Shillong. However, if one were to take a casual stroll around the city, away from the market and along the alleys surrounding the residential areas, after sundown, one might have to certainly question the authenticity of the above statement. The streets still wear a deserted look, the shutters of many shops might be pulled down to a close, one might see a few office workers with abstracted countenance rushing home after work and one might also occasionally hear indistinct cries and yelling emanating from various directions that would have one pause in fear and scrutinize his surroundings for a possible mob. Fortunately though, this curfew-like scene in the city is caused by a more cheerful reason than one would think- the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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That Sikkim is divided over the ban on most of the inorganically grown vegetables is common knowledge. The four main groups are- (a) hostile- opposing the ban, (b) happy- supporting the ban, (c) neither hostile nor happy - observing the ban and (d) blissfully unaware-ignoring the ban. The hostile group says that the ban has created a crisis like situation and a civil war is about to erupt. The happy group says that everything is fine and we must bear with some initial inconveniences hoping that it will finally do good to our farmers and the state. The third group is neutral, or at least not vocal and it is to be hoped that they are observing the process and outcome carefully. The fourth group mostly consists of children who have no time and maturity to think about it. They are probably the happiest group at this time.

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It should be noted that the tussle for power in electoral politics of Mizoram since the District Council era has been the struggle between two dominant political parties. It should be recollected that the struggle for power in the initial stage of District Council era was between the Mizo Union (MU) and United Mizo Freedom Organization (UMFO). After that, it was a struggle for power between the MU and Eastern Indian Tribal Union; whereas, it turned out to be a struggle for power between the MU and the Indian National Congress (INC) in the last term of Mizo District Council.

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The rainfall was not unusual or excessive in a day in Tripura but 2018 flood was a typical for the state after 1976. The loss of life, property and public infrastructure was damaged severely and highest in the history of Tripura. The state has recorded the death of as many as 21 persons in last three months due to flood, landslides, and lightning while the total loss was estimated at more than Rs 2300 Cr so far. Tripura witnessed at least five major floods from March this year that damaged almost all the roads including national highways, railway tracks, bridges and power supply system. According to record in pre-monsoon, Tripura has received 150 percent more and in the first month of monsoon (June), it is more than 45 percent rainfall, which caused repeated floods in the state. The capital city Agartala has been hit badly by a flash flood almost every day in three months. It is observed that all the cover drains in Agartala have been creating an obstruction in the free flow of water because of improper elevation of drain surfaces and huge deposition soil and construction materials.

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It is going to be a three versus one personality clash though for the sake of pun it might be tempting to describe the forthcoming assembly contest in Madhya Pradesh as Kamal versus Kamal—BJP’s party symbol versus Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Kamal Nath. But it is much more than that. Three Congress bigwigs – Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Digvijay Singh are on the forefront to jointly take on the BJP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh. None of them is a chief ministerial candidate. The Congress has fielded its top three leaders in various capacities but decided against naming its chief ministerial candidate. The BJP is also not banking on the Shivraj’s face. Sensing huge anti-incumbency sentiments against the Chief Minister, BJP President Amit Shah told party workers in Bhopal that the next election in Madhya Pradesh would be fought by the organization. However, Shivraj will remain its star campaigner.

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