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As September  approaches there begins a change in Delhi, morning becomes cooler, midday sun a bit friendly, humidity too pretends to be packing off  and a sense of an all pervasive  thermal  comfortability becomes visible  outdoors. I still remember P A Sangma was born on 1st September 1947and the remembrance takes me to look back and a montages of memories come crowding in: some events are still clear while some got blurred, perhaps the inner flash is partly diffused.

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When the earth quakes, the primal fear that shakes you arises out of your feeling that the Doomsday has come. This psychosis of fear lasts for days, sometimes years, even after the earth settles down to its calm. No wonder, the Mizoram Government just sought the help of psychologists to dispel the fear-spells of hundreds of people living in some villages including Khawbung, Saitual, Siaha, Serchhi and Zokhawthar that rocked recently.

In fact, the people suffered from terrible trauma of psychic nature due to massive seismic disturbances in the tragic Assam quake of 1950 that took a toll of over 2500 people. Known as the Assam-Tibetan Plateau earthquake, the total toll was over 4300 including the Tibetan part.   

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