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Northeast is buckling up its shoes with the stringent measures against the terror of Corona, which the whole world is facing as of now. Fortunately, Northeast have been overcoming the situation with people cooperating with the disciplinary actions implemented by the Government officials. At this mode, Eastern Panorama Editor Harsh Jhunjhunwala came across Shri H.B. Marak, IAS Deputy Commissioner, South Garo Hills, Baghmara.The South Garo Hills district lies in the southern part of the state of Meghalaya, with its headquarter at Baghmara, the only town in the district. Situated in such difficult terrain, Shri HB Marak, gave his excerpts on how this region is ready to cope up with the pandemic if crisis arises besides foretelling the development of the remote areas along with the encouragement to the tourism sector.

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Truly said…Mother’s Love is Mother’s Strength


A 50-year old single mother braved the strict lockdown by riding her Scooty for about 1,400 Kilometers to bring her 17- year old son home.


Razia Begum, a teacher by profession lives in Nizamabad district of Telengana was anxious about the wellbeing of her son studying medicine in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh who had been caught in lockdown.


Finding no other way out to bring her son back home, she approached Assistant Police Commissioner, Jaipal Reddy in Bodhan, after hearing her, issued a pass to travel to Hyderabad to bring her son home.


Razia Begum took her Scooty and hit the road to rode around 700 kms to reach Nellore where her son, Md. Nizamuddin got stranded in the house of his friend to look after his ailing father.

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