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If you have not yet seen the action-packed Operation Mekong, you must do it now, not only for the sake of super-thrill but also to have an idea of how dangerous is the blood-soaked events that take place in The Golden Triangle.

Tripura, willy-nilly, is a small component of this vicious Triangle. No wonder, the state’s Chief Minister received a death threat from the operators of the Golden Triangle.  

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Durga Puja, the greatest festival of the Hindus, is not only a religious performance, but a festival of concord and universal fraternity. The worship of goddess Durga has been prevalent since pre-historic age, as the worship of Shakti (strength). Many images of the Divine Mother in different forms and gesture were found in the excavation of Mhenjodaro and Harappa. Later on, in the Vedic period, the worship was followed by chanting hymns from the Vedas and performances of sacrifice (Yagnas).This system of puja is being continued till the day.

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