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The blowout incident at the Baghjan oilfield of the Oil India Limited (LTD) is saddening.  This can well be considered as one of the worst industrial disasters which the country has witnessed in the recent times. In other words, this is the second such major leaking incident since 2005 – let alone several other similar incidents of oil and gas spill in the recent past. Notably, the Baghjan gas leak happening is literally a two-part story, but, depressingly, both incidents have been a  bitter pill to swallow for the people, especially those who live  in villages within two kms radius of the uncontrollable gas outflow site. To argue precisely, both the incidents have almost irreversibly damaged lots of still-existing precious resources --cropland, water-bodies, a national park et al in its vicinity but have also taken heavy toll on the villagers’ livelihoods.

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Meghalaya is no doubt one of the most attracting tourist destinations in India. Blessed with abundantly beautiful natural tourist sites, the state day by day is gaining momentum of enabling to attract both domestic and international tourist. Shillong being the state capital is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in India. Also being the ‘Rock Capital of India’ music will surely definitely go well with some red and local brew wine. Every year, Forever Young Sports Club (FYSC), organized ‘Shillong Wine Festival’ which is gaining popularity, with tourists flocking the picturesque capital city of Meghalaya, even Europe's wine connoisseurs salute the indigenous Khasi people for brewing the best homemade wine.

'Shillong Wine Festival' is based exclusively on local horticulture products such as passion fruits, bananas, pears, plums, pineapple, strawberries, gooseberries, jackfruit and ginger. The art of brewing the best wine has now become a source of fame and fortune for some of the home-made wine breweries. This festival is basically to display Shillong finest local brew wine.

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The Central Government, as well as the State Government has decided to lift the lockdown period from June 1, this year, following the Covid-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc all over the world, India notwithstanding. Bearing the walloping crisis in mind, the BJP-led NDA Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has announced a stimulus package of Rs 20-lakh crore to ameliorate the problem plaguing the people in general and for various other sectors in a systematic and orchestrated manner. The airports and flights, too, started functioning, with the resumption of both the national and international services. However, the public transport and cinema theatres, would resume their operations in due course in a phased manner.

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