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Jihadi activities in Assam are a concerning issue. Stemming their activities is an urgent necessity for the administration in Assam as they are posing a serious threat to the existing peace and harmony in the State. Their sole aim is to spread their tentacles across the State, trigger a reign of terror and foment all forms of violence.  So, in order to carry out their divisive activities, the jihadi elements are moving around in various kinds of disguises such as rickshaw pullers, petty traders, labourers etc, a fact about which the State police have drawn a conclusion after months of continuous investigation and operations against them.

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The first gush of early morning air that touches you while visiting any squat-little picturesque village nestled at the Longding District of Arunachal Pradesh will certainly make you feel the ancient world is beaconing you from afar.

You turn dreamy! You have an uncanny feeling every tree, hillock and watery streams running like a naughty-little girl is telling you to tarry a bit to listen the tales of the past.

Yes, every hilly Arunachal Pradesh hamlet is compendium of legends and lore told through the ages from one generation to the other. It is here where the importance of village elders of Wancho community comes in.

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