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Olivia Deka from Tezpur, Assam has made the state proud by being the only girl from all over India to attend the ChangemakerXchange summit in Phillipines 2017. She is the Co-founder and Director of Finderbridge Tourism, a socio progressive startup based in Assam. To know about her achievement in personal, we contacted her and here’s she has got to say us all. Eastern Panorama in an interaction with the young talent Olivia Deka.

Can you tell us something about ChangemakerXChange?

Cha n g e m a k e r X c h a n g e stands for an exchange of ideas between young people who are working on innovative solutions to social, environmental or societal problems in their immediate surroundings. At five-day exchange meetings, we are to deepen our knowledge and further develop our initiatives and business models. We are to network, enhance our own initiatives in a dialog with other participants, and start joint projects. Particularly innovative project ideas receive financial and nonmaterial support from the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The program is open to social innovators between 18 to 30 years old from Africa, Asia and Europe.

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Football.....Is Manipur India's Little Brazil?

Even though the Indian U-17 football team’s World Cup campaign ended when the host nation was humiliated 0-4 by Ghana in their last outing in their group, the eight Manipuri boys who were in the spirited Indian team continued to be in the limelight in their home state.

Joining in the series of felicitation programs held in their honour, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh handed over Rs 5 lakhs to each of the eight players as incentive for bringing the glory to the state.

“To win or loss is part of the game but what really counts is the spirit and performance on the field. Your participation in the historic FIFA World Cup brought glory to our state Manipur. I say this on behalf of the entire population of the state, both hill and valley, we’re really proud of you.” said the former footballer Chief Minister to the eight boys before handing over the cheques.

Even the Manipur Governor, Dr Najma Heptulla felicitated the ‘8 heroes’ as they are being called in Manipur and showered them with gifts and reward shawls.

Interacting with the boys and their guardians who were invited to a high tea, the Governor said that she would do her best to find ways to promote football commercially.

The Governor felt proud that the U-17 team has the team Captain and 7 other players from the State. “It is heartening to see that maximum number of players from a state like Manipur, which is known as the powerhouse of Sports” said the governor and congratulated the parents for supporting their children to play the game despite economic hardships.

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Tileswari Barua was a heroic, courageous, valiant twelve years teenage girl. Exactly 75 years ago, on 20 September 1942 Tileswari Barua laid down her life while trying to hoist the national flag at top of the police station in Dhekiajuli, Assam. Tileswari was the eldest of four children of Bhabakanta Barua of village Nij-Borgaon on the outskirts of Dhekiajuli. She was so influenced by the patriotic songs which the Congress volunteers were singing every day that she did not think once about her life when Mahatma Gandhi’s call for raising the national tricolor flag.

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North East India: A Brief Profile

The North Eastern Region of India is recognised as one of the poor infrastructural development in comparison with other region of the country. As a result the region is lagging behind in the industrial and economic development scenario in comparison with other developed states of the country. But the region has a strong potential to be India’s future powerhouse. It has 42.54 per cent of hydropower potential of the country estimated at 63,257 MW, natural gas reserves of 190 billion cubic meters, coal reserves of over 900 million tones and oil reserves of over 500 million tonnes. Large mineral resources including limestone’s reserves of around 5000 million tones and a forest cover which is 25 per cent of the country’s forest area. Phenomenal biodiversity forest wealth particularly bamboo economy of north east India, agro base, fruits and vegetables and other horticultural products, enchanting hills, majestic rivers, fresh water lake, cave and beautiful islands which are potential for ecotourism and rural tourism, herbs, aromatic plants, exotic flowers and floriculture, other flora and fauna to be a future international trading hot spot towards more on South and South East Asian countries. Further, the present strategies of government of India’s Act East Policy will also led to expansion of more on trade, tourism and human relations between neighbouring countries of south East Asian countries.

If such inexhaustible sources of hydro power resources and other mineral and natural resources are exploited minimum at par with national level and maximum at par with global average of 30 per cent and above, it will make sure to accelerate the socio-economic development of this backward region of the country. There is thus, an immediate attention is required to develop and harness this huge power potential of the region, which not only reap the benefit for socio-economic development of the region but also for filling the gap of changing power scenario of the country in near future.

Hydro Power Potentials of North East India

The North Eastern Region of India is blessed with the highest hydro power potential far exceeding the region’s internal requirement for power. As per the report of the ranking studies conducted by Central Electricity Authority, government of India, there are 1,48,701MW hydro power potential spreading in 845 different schemes in the country. Of which 66,065 MW from 140 schemes have been identified as potential sites from North Eastern states contributing 44.43 per cent of total hydro power potential of the country.

Above given table shows the hydro power potential of North Eastern Region in state - wise. Arunachal Pradesh is having the highest potential of hydro power not only in the region but also among the states and union territories of the country. Next to Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim state accounts the second highest ranking in potential of hydro power with a total potential of 4,286 MW. Next to Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland stood in third, fourth, fifth and six respectively. Assam though lowest in total hydro power potential but it has harnessed the maximum hydropower potentials in the region. Assam is having the highest thermal power resources also in the region. Likewise Tripura has also no potential of hydro power but it has an ample scope for thermal power resources in the region.

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Common interest should gain more importance over individual ethnic agendas prevailing in the region said Tibetian spiritial leader, His Holiness Dalai Lama on his first visit to Manipur.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressed an international conference on Peace & Harmony in the restive state upon the invitation of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker, Yumnam Khemchand.

The iconic world spiritual leader was accorded a civil reception at the City Convention Centre in Imphal by a jam packed crowd comprising of Ministers, MLAs, Bureaucrats, Civil Society Leaders, Students and even delegates from neighbouring states and Myanmar.

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