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In the course of pandemic, corona warriors have been working hard day and night to heal the affected ones, yet there is a long way, for the situation to turn to into normalcy. Meghalaya Covid cases have been rising with each day and the Government in collaboration with medical officers is leaving no stone unturned to give a solid defense against Covid 19.

Eastern Panorama reporter Donboklang Wanniang interacted with the veteran Director of Health Services Dr. A Warr, who have been tracking the cases since day one, and gave us an insight of the overall situation. Despite his busy schedule, he gave us his excerpts which are as follows:


Q. Fear and shame, what is the team COVID-19 MGT committee doing to address it?

‘I have received complaints that some health workers were not allowed to return to their homes or villages after completing their duties with the fears that they are carriers of COVID, which is very wrong. People must understand that they are frontline workers providing critical healthcare services to the people of the state, therefore, I urge people to clearly understand that Health Workers must be treated with upmost respect in order to encourage them to perform their duties with the upmost determination. Village authorities or any Headman are welcome to check with the hospitals and district administration if they are worried about health workers returning to their respective home”.

Q. A 76 year old man from Umsamlem Ri-bhoi District and it was said he is in 1 % category. What steps have been taken that this 1% is eliminated?

The machines through which the RT-PRC test was conducted have an accuracy rate of 99% and this particular case fell under the 1% error of the machine and hence the man from Ri-bhoi District was categorized as false positive.

We have tested the person twice after this person was declared positive and the later results came out negative both in RT-PCR and antibody tests.

“Even during the contact tracing of those, who came into contact with this person, their samples were collected for tests, both the high-risk and low-risk contacts tested negative, we therefore after long discussion with clinical experts concluded that this particular case is a false COVID19 positive case.

Q. How well are we prepared for a burst of COVID-19 cases?

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