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Life has not been a cake walk for the frontline warriors. The nation has been under lockdown for over months, still continuing partially, but the call of duty continues for our frontline workers who risk it all to ensure that we are safe and that health services were not affected because of the lockdown. One of them is Dr. S S Nongbri, the Joint Director of Health Services who along with his team were the first people to challenge the dreaded virus and had been watchful with the medical teams & their conditions for covid-19 in the state since beginning. Team Eastern Panorama along with the Editor Harsh Jhunjhunwala and reporter Donboklang Wanniang interacted with the Medical Superintendent of Shillong Civil Hospital, Dr. S S Nongbri who gave the insights prevailing in the state. 

Dr S.S Nongbri is an MBBS from Assam Medical College Dibrugarh (AMC) batch of 1989. He had been the Quality Manager Blood Transmission Medicine FAIMS. Dr. S.S. Nongbri, also holds the position of Jt. Director in Meghalaya Child Health & Family Welfare (MCH&FW).  Out of 30 years of his career, 17 years he has contributed in the service of Blood Banking. Dr. S.S Nongbri, had been the Incharge of Blood Bank in Jowai and also initiated the blood storage centre in Civil Hospital. He had also been the part of the Regional Blood Bank, Pasteur Institute, Shillong for 14 years. Till date the entire state is using his SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) which he had written for blood banking.


He is a strict disciplinary and does not budge. While going the distance to treat his patients, be it talking to his patient everyday or admitting patients with cancer treatment under his care. He has been seen standing for his team on numerous occasions. A man with leadership and values inculcated in his genes one cannot miss the board in his chamber that says ‘I treat & God heals’. His never say attitude is canny to the Munna Bhai of MBBS. Luckily for us he is the real doctor. Excerpts from the interview.

·         How is the health administration tracking the Covid situation in the state?

As you know cases in Meghalaya have increased these days, even in Civil Hospital few doctors and staff nurses have been tested positive. Now a days there are more and more cases coming up from both health workers and civilians but the Health Department including Civil Hospital Shillong is intensively contact tracing with the help from the state government by imposing containment order and curfews. This intern helps the health workers to carry out their work.

One senior doctor and few nurses have been tested positive and have completed their 14 days of isolation and now they are admitted in Civil Hospital. We are making sure that this virus does not spread outside the hospital to civilians.

Even though the health workers have taken maximum protection by wearing mask and washing hands but there are few health workers who forget what to follow especially when they have food together after they are off duty. This is the reason why health workers are getting infected with COVID. Several health workers including doctors and nurses in East Khasi Hills have been tested positive as they are intensively dealing with COVID patients in the state. Health workers need to adhere to strict protocols also post their duty.

· What message you want to convey to thepublic?


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