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The year 2020 has been massively indifferent, causing untold sufferings from all walks life with the life-threatening virus becoming to be a pandemic, affecting the lives, health, and economy to the overall normal functioning of the world.

A large number of people speculated as to how the word COVID-19 emerged?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) informed that the pneumonia of unknown cause was initially detected at Wuhan in China and was brought to its attention on December 31, 2019. The WHO, however, decided to name the Corona virus Covid-19 on February 11, 2020, after the organisation declared the outbreak at Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30, 2020.

It may be recalled that the first case of 2019–20 corona virus pandemic in India was reported on 30 January 2020, originating from China. As of 26 March 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare confirmed a total of 694 cases, 44 recoveries, a lone migration and 16 deaths in the country. Slowly and steadily, the outbreak has been declared an epidemic in more than a dozen states and union territories, where provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 have been invoked, and educational institutions and many commercial establishments have been shut down. India had suspended all tourist visas, as a majority of the confirmed cases were linked to other countries. The rest is history…with the number of cases increasing and making India the second largest country to lead in the list of Covid Meter after USA.


On the other hand, realizing the gravity of situation, Government of Meghalaya under the leadership of its Health Minister AL Hek, left no stone unturned to ensure quick preparation to face the situation. Truly the preparation made by the Govt of Meghalaya has paid a rich dividend and saved many lives. The team work of government officials, health workers, doctors along with leadership was in the right track. Meghalaya had been active in declaring the lockdown, even before the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi called for lockdown. This shows of how the Meghalaya Health Department had been serious to tackle the issue, even when there was no symptom of Covid-19 reaching the state. The government took a wise decision at every crucial moment and handled the situation very well.

We salute the frontline warriors who have worked day & night to save the lives of the people around the world. They have risked their lives to ensure that we are safe and not affected because of the lockdown.

The medical officer in Meghalaya has given a solid defense against Covid 19. Meghalaya Director of Health Services, Dr. Aman Warr, along with his team, were the first people to challenge the dreaded virus and had been watchful with his medical teams for covid-19 in the state since beginning. While speaking to Eastern Panorama, Director of Health Services termed the journey of Covid-19 fight full of challenges which they met successfully with the help of leadership and administration. In India, there was no panic for covid till Jan 2020. Cases started piling up from end of Feb 2020. Covid did not invade Meghalaya till then. Inspite of which, sensing trouble ahead, the Government became active in which Hon’ble Health Minister of Meghalaya A.L Hek took a great initiative to sensitise the society as well as administration. Once the lockdown was announced, the health department took advantage of technology and took to video conferencing under the Chairmanship of the then Commissioner Secretary Mr.Sampath Kumar, along with all the districts of the state, every morning at 9 am for an hour, where they have been updating about the Covid-19.

“Initially there were no direction of wearing masks, except the hand sanitizing and social distancing. Even the wearing of masks was not advocated at that point of time”.

said Mr. War


As the lockdown came in, there was an issue of transportation crisis. The Health officials had to deal with the shortage of equipments, which had put the state into a very bad shape. So when the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma started the review meeting and with the active support of Commissioner & Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department, Mr Sampath Kumar, through their proper channels, the team could have a stock of PPE’s, masks, and sanitisers which was enough then but not adequate.

At that point of time, the state had insufficient ventilators as well. Somehow through the suppliers, the state managed to have 34 big sized ventilators, and around hundreds of other machines of superior quality. But transporting them down to the state was a difficult task because of the prevailing lockdown. So with the active participation of the Chief Secretary Meghalaya, along with his counterparts in Assam, and the resident commissioner of Delhi, the team managed to transport it to Guwahati. But the problem still persisted to transport it to Shillong, as the transport and godowns were closed in Guwahati. So the Chief Secretary held discussions & coordinated well with Assam Government and with the help of Assam police and the owners of godown, the team could manage to bring them down to Shillong.

But Dr. War informed, that inspite of this, Meghalaya was in a more comfortable position to tackle the situation compared to Assam and other neighboring states of the Northeast.

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