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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), enter the poll with high hopes of winning as many seats as possible. Specially coming in for the first time in a big way, yet there is a drawback of having the religious stigma which is associated with the agenda of the RSS  propagation of one religion in the country, which has a diversify belief of various religious belief. The party, especially in Meghalaya has built up a strategy, to woo various religious   denominations. This has come about with the announcement of Tourism Union Minister K.J Alphons of a rupees 70 crore sop of promoting spiritual tourism in the state under the Swadesh Darshan scheme. This proposal   is probably for the first time in the country. Altogether about 40 such projects have been identified to include major sites of the traditional Khasi religion, Niam Khasi Niam tre and the different Christian denominations, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. A meeting was convened   to this effect in New Delhi. There was however no representative from the Congress rules state of Meghalaya.   K.J. Alphons is sour on the attitude of the state government and has expressed his exasperation that the State Government always wants to be anti BJP.