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The Ranikor constituency has developed certain complexities, as Martin M. Danggo, recently  joining  the  NPP,  is  being  challenged  by  the  teaming  up  of   a   conglomerate  of  political  parties. Danggo  who  was  the  last  representative  of  Ranikor,  as  a  Congress  member,  had  been  accused of  neglecting  the constituency. Yet  he  had  produced  the  trump  card  of   Ranikor  being  upgraded  into  a Sub-Division. Unlike  in  the  South  Tura  seat,  the  United  Democratic  Party,  local  unit,  has  shown  sign  of  rebellion,  as  it  would  not  support  Danngo,  though  being  a  NPP  person  of  the  MDA  alliance.  However coming in between Pynshngain N. Syiem  the  Peoples  Democratic  Front leader,  has  decided  to  plunge  into  the  Ranikor  waters,  claiming  that  all  parties  are  supporting  him,  at  a  time  when  he  just  lost  the  confidence  of  many  parties,  which  led  to  his  resignation  as  Chief  Executive  Member  of  the  Khasi  Hills  District  Council.