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Nongrah Presbyterian School torched by Unknown miscreants

Unknown miscreants today early morning torched the staff room of Nongrah Presbyterian School. Principal of Nongrah Presbyterian School Miss B.T Jyrwa said that around 8:20 in the morning the students saw smokes coming out from the staff room and on opening the room the fire was engulfing among the desk and chair of the staff room.

“We condemn this act and we urge anyone who have issue with the school or its management to come forward and talk about it” Miss Jyrwa. She added that the school or its authority had never had any issue with its students or parents hence its is heart breaking to see such incident happen to the school.

It can be understood that the motive of this act can be led to money issue which clearly indicates in the message placed by the miscreants in the school notice board. It may be mention that similar case has happen somewhere in 2017 where miscreants rob the school but the school authority withdraw the FIR when they came to know that the robbery was committed by minors.