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The students accused CM for manhandling of public funds for Elections campaign


Probably it is the first time, in the Meghalaya elections, that a section of the students have been provoked, to be candid enough to speak out to vote against the party of the chief minister. The cause being that the students from the different colleges of Shillong, are having great doubts and suspicion, that most of them had not received the M-Tab, which is a part of the Student Digital Learning Aid Scheme. One of the students, Enlang Sawian, has straight away pointed out an accusing finger, that “the Congress has brought the scheme just to woo voters. Already an RTI has been filed by the Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC), that there is manhandling of the scheme involving rupees six crore. The student had made a frontal accusation, that the funds would be used for the elections. To clear any misapprehensions, the student community of the state, is seeking clarification from the Union Human Ministry of human resource development, and for instituting a CBI enquiry, if there is misappropriation of funds in the implementation of the scheme.