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Will Congressman A.L Hek return to his mother?

The spot light is on A.L. Hek, being the first ever member of the Bharatitya Janata Party (BJP), in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, since 1998, 2003, 2008, but later joined the Congress in 2013. Yet A.L. Hek had remained on record of having not been dislodged from the Pynthor Umkhrah constituency. Being a Congressman, it has come from the horse’s mouth that “Congress would not come to power in the next elections”. He predicts, that there would be a fractured mandate, which would lead to a post poll alliance.

Hek regard the BJP as his mother and the Congress being his wife. The question is would he return back to his mother’s home, the place of his political birth, or would he continue to remain with his wife? However he confesses that his heart is with his mother, his children being the electorate of Pynthorumkhrah, it finally depend on them to give the seal of approval, whether the mother is more precious than the wife?