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Activist demand candidates to file their Marriage Certificate

With an aim to push forward the Meghalaya Registration Marriage Act, Social activist Mr. Michel Syiem writes to the Chief Electoral officer of Meghalaya Mr F. R. Kharkongor demanding from the election department to make mandatory for all candidates who files his or her nomination to mention his or his marriage certificate.

Speaking to media person, Mr. Syiem said that from the side of the C.E.O Mr. Kharkongor told him that since they are govern by the central rule he has to  first consult the law department.


Syiem said that this will be the first test for the Meghalaya Compulsory Registration marriage act as in the act of one of the clause mention that for all official purposes produce of Marriage certificate is required hence Contesting election is an official purpose he added. Mr Syiem said that he will watch and see, if not he will approached the court.