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Is it the play of political destiny? That Paul Lyngdoh, spokesman of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Ardent M. Basiawmoit of the Hills State Democratic Party (HSPDP) are together on the same electoral  platform , after twenty two years  of parting out ways, heading the UDP-HSPDP , following the close relationship of a poll alliance of the two  regional parties shared today the common ideology,  to fight  against the lure  and play of money power,  which ultimately lead to corrupt  practices of the public representatives,  when they occupy offices of governance. This in fact is the basic principle of the alliance.This was publicly voiced by the two leaders, at a public rally in Mawlai, Shillong.  It should not be cash for votes which cannot be accepted, as it would tantamount to Black Voting. Voting has therefore to be clean, square and pure, voiced Ardent Basaiawmoit. It is like choosing a life partner and any mistake, would lead to miseries for a lifetime. The leaders of the two parties, pointed though alliance efforts of regional parties have fallen apart in the past, this time it would solidify through thick and thin. The alliance candidate, Embhah Syiemlieh, has equated corruption with the lavish spending on festivals, which has burdened the state exchequer.