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 Stage two of the polls is the announcement of the long awaited date where all the players will have to pull up their socks, as gearing up time has come. Claims of confidence in forming the next Government have rent the air in the different camps, specially the alliance forces. The UDP has talked about a regional wave to throw down the national forces. The regional forces have claimed that it is the regional parties that understand the ground realities. The Congress has come up in pin pointing, that there is a nexus of the NPP and the BJP, where the NPP is making inroads for the BJP to enter from the back door. The PDF has predicted that UDP–HSPDP combine, would not secure even in the second division. The gearing up stage therefore would see more accusations and challenges at each other and also personal attacks of the candidates in what is call a morale building spree. It is therefore left to the wisdom of the voters to sieve with a strainer to remove the husk from the seed, the fictions from the facts.