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Electioneering has reached the last lap in the state. Leaders  of  the  various  national  parties  have   thronged  Shillong  the  capital  city  and  it  was none  other  than  Rahul  Gandhi,  who  was  able  to  draw   crowds  in  the  main  thorough fares  including  Khyndailad,  the  Centre  Point.  Rahul  had  been  able  to  conjure  dreams  not  of  himself  or  his  party but  of  Prime  Minister  Narendra  Modi,  the  dreams   which  have  come  about  like  waving  a   magic  wand. Economic stability had appeared but as it jobs have disappeared. As if by  magic  income  of  farmers  and workers have disappeared and  also  the  small  and  medium   business. Crores of money had disappeared and reappeared by magic in foreign lands out of the reach of Indian laws. Rahul  had  therefore waved  the  magic  wand  of   Narendra  Modi  in  the  eyes  of  the  people. But  as  Rahul  has  already interpreted,  these  are  only  magical  dreams  which  fortunately  or  not  are  not  nightmares  as  people  woke  up in  facing  the  stark realities that the magic wand of Modi  had not yet made  democracy  disappear from India.