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These  are  the  words  of  the  Prime  Minister  himself  Narendra  Modi who  in  his  last  election   rally  at  Phulbari in  the  Garo  Hills  of  Meghalaya   told  the  people  of  the  state  to  give  just  one  chance  for  the  Bharatiya  Janata   party  (BJP) to  be  part  in  the  governance  of  the  state,  just   this   one  single  chance  for  five  year  only´. If  the BJP  is  unable  to  rule  and  fulfil  its promises “Kick Us Out". The National Democratic Alliance at the Centre had always  remembered  Meghalaya and  given  due  attention to its  needs.  However, the State Government has failed to respond and co-operate.The Meghalaya Government is unaccountable, no revenue of financial statistics as if it is not unanswerable to the financial aids of the Central Government is the pertinent question.