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The demands for more civil sub divisions in the state multiply. Whether government would    concede to these  demands  after  Martin  M. Danggo  had  resigned  from  the  Congress  and  on  his   way  to  join  the  National People’s  Party (NPP)  on the  inauguration  of  the  new  Ranikor  civil  sub- division.  The Mawlai constituency Legislator, Process T.  Sawkmie  had  made  it  a  point  in   meeting   the  Chief  Minister  Conrad  K.  Sangma   staking  claim  to  upgrade  Mawlai  a  suburb  of  Shillong   into  a  civil  sub  division  having  a  population  of 80,000. In Mawsynram, a committee has been constituted headed by Congress Legislator  Hima  Shangpliang for  making  Mawsynram  civil  sub- division, a demand  which  has  been hanging  fire  for  the  last  20  years. Umroi Legislator  George Lyngdoh,  has  also put  forward  his  claim  that  Umroi  in  Ri  Bhoi,  deserve  to get  the  status  of  a civil  sub-division, which  cover  mostly  the  eastern  Ri  Bhoi  sector. Jirang NPP MLA Sosthenes Sohtun is the latest representative who demanded for the creation of civil sub-division under his constituency.