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MPHRC condemn the attack on activist

The Meghalaya Peoples’ Human Rights Council (MPHRC) has strongly condemned the attack on RTI Activist & CSWO President Agnes Kharshiing and her associate Anita Sangma in the strongest terms possible. “The climate of fear created by such attacks by the perpetrators has threatened to silence few independent voices to enjoy a climate of impunity within our State” said MPHRC Chairman, Dino D.G Dympep. Recognized that the Police authorities have started an investigation and arrested two individuals. However, the Council stressed that the “extreme seriousness” of the attack warranted “a thorough, prompt and a fair investigation by bringing the suspected perpetrators to justice in fair trials without delay and providing effective remedies and adequate reparations to the victims said MPHRC. It is an imperative that these barbaric attacks, injustices and gross human rights abuses be seriously addressed by the government. “We humbly stand in solidarity with Agnes’s family and community,” MPHRC concluded.