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Condemn pours for the attack on Activists


Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) led by Angela Ryngad today organized a Citizen’s Protest in the State capital Shillong to condemn the ‘murderous’ attack on social activist Angela Ryngad and her associate Amita Sangma in East Jaintia Hills. The demonstration was held at the Parking Lot near the Additional Secretariat. 

Agnes Kharshiing who heads the Civil Society Women Organization (CSWO) and her friend Amita Sangma received severe head injuries after they were attacked by a group of unidentified miscreants at Tuber Sohshrieh in East Jaintia Hills District on Thursday. The protest was attended by various NGO's leader and prominent individuals including Shillong Times Editor Patricia Mukhim and R.G Lyngdoh etc.

Angela Rangad said “The state government should take responsibility for its failure to protect the citizens and the police should include criminal conspiracy in the ‘suo moto case’ instead of robbery. Patricia Mukhim who is also the Editor of The Shillong Times said  that it is not easy to be Agnes Kharshiing and to be filing FIRs on a daily and sustained basis, to run round the court of law and go to different places without counting the cost, We pray that she comes out stronger.”

Former Home Minister and prominent citizen of the State, RG Lyngdoh strongly felt that the attack on the RTI activist shows that there is much more to the coal mining issue than what appears on the surface he added “There is a need to investigate into the supposed nexus between the coal miners, police, politicians and coal mine owners and it is for the government to ensure that all those who are involved in the crime are dealt with firmly,” he said.

Emiki kurbah, who was driving Kong Agnes car during this unfortunate incident on Nov 8, narrated the ordeal and stated that Agnes is lucky to have survived the brutal attack. He added that it pained his heart to see how a group of strong men punched, kicked and assaulted the two unarmed women. He urged the concerned authorities to ensure that all the culprits, not just the ones who were present on that day but also those behind the attack should be arrested and punished as per laws of the land.