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Nongrah residents meet PHE Minister over water issue

Jemino Mawthoh today along with Headman and Executive members of Nongrah met PHE Minister Samlin Malngiang to discuss the issue of water scarcity in the locality.


Speaking to media person Jemino Mawthoh said that the Minister has assured them that by 2021 phase 1 for the water supply will for Nongrah, Donktieh and Nonglum. “We have identified land for establishing Treatment Plant in the locality so to ease people problems regarding water supply”.  He added. He also added that the concern authorities should also identified sources for the water supply for whole of Nongrah and not to depend only from Mawphlang reservoir. Jemino Mawthoh said that it is painfull to see that many people from Nongrah locality have to buy water frequently to meets their daily needs, he also urged the Minister to personally look into the matter to solve the water crisis in the locality.


Nongrah which comprise of Lum Marboh, Nongmarboh, Nongpdeng, Dongktieh Nonglum falling under Nongthymmai Constituency nave been experiencing acute water scarcity for almost a decade altogether. It may be mentioned that Nongrah and Lapalang have been excluded from the GS WSS (Phase 11). It was informed that it will probably be included in Phase IV.