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Committee constituted for re-construction of Church of God

The Dorbar shnong of Quallapaty today met the Church of God leaders and donated 50 thousand.

The delegation was led by Headman of Quallapaty M. Pyrbot along with the Executive Committee of the Dorbar Shnong and others. Headman of Quallapaty said it is good to see that even people of different faith and communities were there the help the Church people in taming the fire on 17th November.

The church and the locality as a whole with the help from the police department will sit and discuss on how to dispose the waste from around the church. Rev A. C Moore said that a committee will be set up for the construction of the new church building and a budget of Rs 10 crore is estimated to cost for the new Church building. Rev A. C Moore said that the church as a whole is thankful to the people of Quallapaty for being with the church when the Church was on fire. The church leader with the committee will also have to sit with the Government especially MUDA to look for ways to construct the new Church building.

The Church of God building was 95 years old which was engulfed by fire on 17th November 2919.