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KSU unveil Kiang Nangbah statue

To mark the 157 death anniversary of the freedom fighter Kiang Nangbah, the Khasi Student Union (KSU) today unveiled the statue of u Kiang Nangbah in front of Civil Hospital Shillong. 

The program was attended by several NGO’s including HYNF, FKJGP, Dorbar Shnong of Wahthabroo and student organization from the Jaintia Hills. During the program a troupe from Ri-bhoi district presented the war cry dance to honour the late freedom fighter.

The statue of freedom fighter Kiang Nangbah is constructed and manages by the KSU. The statue was design and construct with the help from designer Seinbor Kharmawphlang and Dani Khyriem. The land for erecting the Statue was donated by the PWD Department Government of Meghalaya and the lighting was donated by the MeECL.

Speaking during the inaugural program KSU President Lambokstar Marngar said that Kiang Nangbah sacrifices his own personal life to fight for the freedom of his people and the land. He is against the way the British collect tax forcefully from the people in Jaintia Hills. Lambokstar Marngar said that the KSU will still continue the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and to demand complete implementation of ILP in Meghalaya. 

 “If the Central Government can give Inner Line Permit to the State of Manipur overnight, then it won’t be a problem for the Central Government to do the same with our State” he added.

Re-acting to rumours that there are some people in Meghalaya who are opposing to the idea of implementing ILP in the State, KSU President Lambokstar Marngar said that those people who opposed ILP in Meghalaya should leave the State as soon as possible.

Kiang Nangbah was hanged by the British Government on 30th November 1862 in Iew Musiang Jaintia Hills.

Meanwhile Chairman of the North East Student Union (NESO) Samuel Jyrwa said that the people of Meghalaya and North Eastern States as a whole will have to be united against the proxy war .i.e. the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 introduce by the central Government. He also said that the motive of the central Government to introduce the CAA 2019 is to reduce the communities all North Eastern States in to minority in our own land.

“It's time for the State Government (Meghalaya) to introduce strict laws to protect the people and the land of the State from being encroached by outsiders” he added.

Samuel Jyrwa also said that the state has seen enough as outsiders have taken away our way of life, in the market place, in the Schools and Colleges and have also denied our own people from occupying high ranks in Government offices or in the High Court.