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Mukul Sangma slam Government on Illegal Coal transportation

Leader of Opposition of the Government of Meghalaya Mukul Sangma today today accuse Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma of shielding the truth of illegal coal transportation in the state. Mukul Sangma said that the denial of Conrad K Sangma on illegal transportation of coal in the state indicates the lack of knowledge from the part of the Chief Minister on the scenario of illegal transportation of coal.

Meghalaya Chief Minster Conrad K Sangma on 4th February had denied that there is illegal coal transportation in the state.

“I urge the Chief Ministers and the Officers from the state to go outside their offices and see by their own eyes on the rampant illegal transportation in the State” he added.

Mukul Sangma also accused the State government of tampering with the evidences on transportation of coal by transferring officers from time to time. The Leader of Opposition (LO) also accused the state government of using its officers as pawns to facilitate illegal coal transportation by forcing the officers to obey the orders or face termination from its department. Mukul Sangma also accuses the state government of interfering with the ongoing investigation by the Crime Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the alleged illegal coal transportation in the state.

Mukul Sangma warned strict action the Chief Minister and other officers of strict action for shielding the truth on coal transportation.