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Meghalaya High Court to take only urgent cases

In view of the outbreak of corona virus or COVID-19 across the globe, the Meghalaya High Court Bar Association requested the lawyers and litigants to abstain from attending the court from March 17 to 27.

It may be mentioned that the bar association has taken this decision following a meeting convened by Meghalaya High Court Chief Justice which was attended by the senior lawyers and additional advocate general in the presence of the judges of the High Court.

“I would request my lawyer colleagues to inform their clients not to attend the court for the time being. I would also request my colleagues to avoid any gathering or meeting at the Bar Association,” Meghalaya High Court senior lawyer, S.P. Mahanta said.

He said that only urgent matters would be taken up with prior intimation to the other parties adding that a notice also needed to be given to the registry to inform on cases of urgency which is required to be taken up.

Meanwhile, another senior of the High Court, VGK Kynta informed that the accused of the criminal cases does not need to appear before the court at the moment.

“The accused need to contact their lawyer to know about the future dates which they need to appear before the court,” Kynta said.

He also said that the court is also requested not to issue any order of arrest warrant during this period.

“We have taken this decision to avoid any large gathering in the court in view of the outbreak of COVID-19. This is a precautionary measure which is being taken as per the advised of the High Court,” Kynta added.