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Health Minister inaugurated Laitkor Health Center

State Health and Family Welfare Minister, Shri A. L. Hek inaugurated the Laitkor Health Sub-Center under Smit PHC at Laitkor Rngi, Shillong in the present of Shri Samlin Malngiang, PHE, Minister, Shri Lambor Malngiang, local MLA and Chairman State Planning Board, Dr. B.  Mawlong, DHS, MI, Dr. A. War,  Jt. DHS, Shri P. T. Passah,  BDO,  Mylliem C&RD Block, Shri Leonard Arun Mawrie, Rangbah Shnong cum Chairman Laitkor Dorbar Pyllun, Shri S. Pyngrope, Rangbah Shnong, Laitkor Rngi  among others.

In his inaugural address, Shri Hek stated that the government is committed to provide affordable, accessible and quality health care services to all sections of society especially to economical weaker section of society by opening more health centers in the State.

The Minister also highlighted the objective of the Meghalaya Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS), and he also appeal the people to come forward and enroll them self to enable them to avail financial aid at the time of hospitalization and treatment and reduce the out-of-pocket expenses of the beneficiaries.

Others who spoke on the occasion were Shri Shri Lambor Malngiang, Dr. B.  Mawlong, Shri Leonard Arun Mawrie and Shri S. Pyngrope. The Programme was presided over by Dr. (Miss) E. Dkhar, District Medical Health Officer, East Khasi Hills, Shillong. Dr.  C. Majaw, M&HO incharge Smit PHC delivered the welcome address while Dr. (Mrs) R. Kharmih proposed the vote of thanks.

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Grace Kharpuri moved Court over election in KHADC

People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) candidate for the post of Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Grace Kharpuri filed a case in the High Court of Meghalaya alleging that the election to the CEM post in the KHADC was not conducted as per the rules of the council. Grace Mary Kharpuri said that many of the members did not even receive the notice at the appropriate time. Alleging that there was violation of rules, Kharpuri said that the Election for the Chairman should have been considered as the first priority as to follow the formal procedure of the District Council for any proceeding of the house.

Kharpuri did not show up for the election which easily paved way for Nongkrem MDC H.S Shylla to be elected for the second time as the CEM of the KHADC. Meanwhile the High Court had given one time week to the State Government to response against the petition filed by Grace Kharpuri.

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The new State of the art Trauma Centre of Nazareth Hospital, Shillong was inaugurated on the 12th July 2018, by Honorable Minister Shri. A. L. Hek I/C Health and Family Welfare Government of Meghalaya.
Though there are many hospitals in the state of Meghalaya, sadly however despite this there has never been a dedicated center for Trauma Victims till date and Nazareth Hospital being one of the oldest and the one who is always at the forefront of providing the people of Meghalaya with the best and the latest in medical care saw the need of the hour is a dedicated Trauma Center in the region.
What is important to understand however is the difference between an Emergency Unit and a Trauma Unit. While an Emergency Unit is by law required in all hospitals it however will take care of a wide variety of emergencies ranging from Medical, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Surgery and other forms of medical emergencies. A dedicated Trauma Center however, will cater only and only to “trauma patients” and this requires the presence of a team of dedicated specialists assigned solely for this purpose and in the process providing the patients with the best and most comprehensive treatment available.
But the scarcity of human resources has always held us back even though the dream of having one never died. Fortunately, though this year with the presence of the required specialists, in the field of Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Surgery, who are available 24hrs on call have made it possible to realize this dream.
Trauma in the state have increased every year and with the number of vehicles plying in the street and the presence of high-speed highways have only added to the increase in the number of trauma victims and the trend is going to increase with each passing year.
Taking all these factors into consideration Nazareth Hospital has therefore started a dedicated Level 2 Trauma Unit to specially cater to this growing group of patients and the presence of these dedicated specialists, nursing staff, equipments along with a state of the art ICU will help these victims get the best care at the earliest and making sure that lives are saved, and patients returned to their families in the best of health and functional state as possible.
We do hope that our endeavor will be a boon for the people of Meghalaya especially the areas in and around Shillong and that more precious lives are saved in the process.

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Review on Advanced Animal Diseases Diagnosis and Management Consortium held at ICAR

The Third Annual Review meet on the Advanced Animal Diseases Diagnosis and Management Consortium (ADMaC) was held at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region Umiam  today (13th June 2018). The event was attended by Dr A Chakraborty Project Co-ordinator, Dr S. N Das Senior Consultant, Dr Lal Krishna Senior Consultant, Dr Md Aslam Advisor DBT, Dr K.M Bujarbaruah VC AAU, and Dr. Narendra Prakash, Director, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam. The scientist and the technical staff of the institute also participated in the daylong event.

The objective of the meeting was to review the progress made and to plan the strategy for further development of the region. Partners from all the eight North Eastern states participated in the review meet. The institute is located in a strategic position; the international borders are open which leads to a cross border transmission of animals and diseases. A study and preparedness is required to handle any outbreak of exotic diseases. In the review meet models of development were formulated. Piggery off late is an integral part of the region needs special attention. The meat sector has grown in the course of time and the meat requirement of the region is fulfilled. The meeting is of tactical importance as the input from the ground zero level is sorted and unique programmes designed for the expansion of the sector.

The event also witnessed a series of book and manual releases to name a few Connect NER Vets was launced the address book includes addresses, contact numbers, e mail IDs of Veterinary institutes, KVKs, State Veterinary Departments, Veterinary Scientists, Vety Officers of NER, Partners of ADMaC and Referal Veterinary Disease Diagnosis Laboratories distributed in India for exchange of information and easy communication. ADMaC Mobile application was also launched the App provides firsthand information on clinical and gross changes of important infectious diseases of livestock and poultry. It helps the Farmers, Field Assistants, Field Veterinary Doctors to tentatively diagnose, the ailment and enables them to take appropriate measures to contain the disease namely  Duck Plague, Brucellosis, CSF, Anthrax, ORF, Swine Pox, Procinecirco virus, PPR and Listeriosis. In addition disease forewarning is also included for the top 5 livestock diseases (CSF, FMD, BQ, HS and Fascioliasis) reported in NER. In-house Indirect ELISA for detection of CSFV antibodies in serum and plasma from pigs using RK 13 adapted cell cultured viral antigen (IPR being applied) Number of kits of indigenous origin is available in the country for the zero-screening of CSF in India. The currently used kits are imported and are very expensive in terms of cost. The work has been carried out during 2014-17 and utilizes a novel rabbit kidney 13 cell line adapted virus. The Kits were handed over to all the eight NER State Disease Investigation Labs for second ring validation. The other manuals launched during the programme were Biennial Progress report, 2016-18, Standard Diagnostic Protocol, Booklet on Sampling plan for surveillance of Livestock diseases in North East Region, a CD was also entitled Database of Indian Classical Swine Fever Virus Sequences.

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KSU demand construction of Hostels for Locals

The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has made it clear that the protest against the allotment of land in New Shillong Township for construction of Nagaland Medical Lodge is against the Government of Meghalaya not Government of Nagaland by saying that the government of Meghalaya should relocate the proposed Nagaland Guest House to another area not far from the North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS).

KSU general secretary, Donald Thabah asserted that the plot of land allotted to the Nagaland government should be used for the benefits of the domiciles of the state and the state government should construct a medical lodge or a boarding house for the benefit of the local people especially those coming from the rural areas instead of giving it away.

He added that a government lodge should have been constructed in this area, providing all the facilities at government rate for our people particularly those coming from far-flung areas like Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills.

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