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KSU & HNYF opposed Citizenship Amendment Bill

The Khasi Student Union (KSU) and Hynniewtrep National Youth Front (HNYF) said that Meghalaya should not be included in the Citizenship Amendment bill as it gives opportunity to the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Pharsi, and Christian from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to flow to the state of Meghalaya. KSU President Donald Thabah also said that not just Meghalaya but other North Eastern States including Assam should also reject this bill or else we will  be minority in our own soil. The All Jaintia Youth Welfare Organisation (AJYWO) also lend hands in opposing the bill.

After meeting the Joint Parliamentary Committee the President said that such Bill will have great impact on the demography of the Northeast as a whole. Meanwhile the KSU and HNYF are pleased with the Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for his understanding and initiatives for opposing the Bill introduce by the Union Government.

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CSWO wants Govt to take action against cabbies

The Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) have asked the state government to take action against taxis and maxi that refuses to ferry passengers and also to seize their permits.

In her statement, Anges Kharshing urged the government to ensure smooth operation by the public transports so as to serve the people well and those not adhering to norm their permits should be seized. She reminded that “Permits are given for public transport by the State Government to help commute the public from area to area and if those issued permits do not serve the public well and are fussy in travelling to destination within the service areas, or are overcharging, then the Transport Department should take away their permits and give them to those who gladly will provide service to the people,” she said.

She also urged the general public to take down the numbers of the taxis refusing to commute them or are over charging so that action can be taken against them.

This was after the organization had received many complaints against the taxis and maxi cabs for refusing to ferry passengers to certain areas within Shillong and are more interested to get full booking passengers, especially from Iewduh, Mothphran and Police Bazar.

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Victorious Marcuise N. Marak officially sworn in

National People's Party (NPP) candidate Marcuise N. Marak who recently won from 43-Williamnagar constituency was officially sworn in at the premise of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Police Bazar by the Deputy Speaker of Meghalaya Timothy D. Shira in the absence of Speaker Donkupar Roy.

Speaking to the press after the sworn in ceremony Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma thank the people of William Nagar for restoring their faith in the party (NPP) and the government (MDA) as a whole. When asked about any alliances between the BJP and NPP for the upcoming Ampati By-poll election since BJP is part of MDA Government Conrad said that ‘Governance and Politics are different things’ hence there is no question of Alliances during election but this should not have affect on the governance.

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NE Regional Conference on Earthquake and Landslide Mitigation

Meghalaya Education Minister, Shri. Lahkmen Rymbui today inaugurated the 2-days ‘North East Regional Conference on Earthquake and Landslide Mitigation- Building Disaster Resilience in North East India’ at the State Convention Centre, Shillong.

Organized by the Meghalaya State Disaster Management Authority, the inaugural session of the conference was attended by Meghalaya Revenue and Disaster Management Minister, Shri. Kyrmen Shylla, Chief Secretary, Shri. Y. Tsering, Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management Department , Shri. P.W Ingty, Executive Director, National Institute of Disaster  Management (NIDM), Shri. B. H Anil Kumar, Secretary, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Government of Meghalaya, Shri. H.B Marak, Executive Director, Meghalaya State Disaster Management Authority, Smt. I. Mawlong, officials representing various State and Central Government Departments, representatives of the armed force including Air Force, Army, and the State Police, and others.

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At  long  last  senior  Minister  Prestone  Tynsong,  now  occupy  the  chair  of  Deputy  Chief  Minister,  though  earlier  it  was  hinted  that  he  was  to  lead  the Meghalaya  Democratic  Alliance  Government.  Elected  as  a  legislator  in  2003,  Tynsong  has  gained  experience ,  also  as  being  the  Chief  Executive  member  of  the  Khasi  Hills  District  Council.  Possibly  this  time  he  had  aspired  to  be  the  Chief  Minister  of  the  state  but  the  coalition  partners  had  instead  chosen  Conrad  K.  Sangma,  who  as  member  of  Parliament  has  more  links  with  the  national  leadership  in  New  Delhi.  Tynsong , it  seems  do  not  mind  much  of  the  coalition  decision,  as  he  says  he  would  be  the  same, yesterday, today  and  tomorrow.  He  believes  in  what  will be- will  be, whether  it  is  big  or  small.

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