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Meghalaya Assembly to discuss Identification and Registration of Migrants workers

The Meghalaya Legislative Assembly today during the opening day of the budget session brought the Bill ‘Meghalaya Identification Registration Safety & Security of Workers Bill’ 2020 which seeks mandatory registration of migrant workers coming into the state. 

The Bill was introduced by deputy chief Minister Prestone Tynsong and it is expected to be discussing in the upcoming working days of the ongoing budget session.

Prestone Tynsong said that the objective of the ‘Meghalaya Identification Registration Safety & Security of Workers Bill’ is to ensure safety and security of migrant workers and in case of harassment, offences will facilitate legal intervention by concerned authorities and state government,” he said

This Bill will ensure that there is a legislation to provide for mandatory registration of all types of migrant workers, maintaining proper records and issuing of identity cards to each migrant worker in the state.

Apart from the Identification Registration Safety & Security of Workers Bill, Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong also introduces the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Amendment Bill 2020 to be discus in the house.


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HNYF against the proposal to shift NEEPCO out of Shillong

The Hynñiewtrep National Youth Front (HNYF) today show dissent on the proposal of the central government to permanently shift the Head Quarter of NEEPCO from Shillong as a consequence of the total 100% sold out of NEEPCO to NTPC.

The HNYF today submitted a memorandum to Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma to protest against the intention of the central government. The HNYF lamented that NEEPCO which has its head quarter in Shillong has been very beneficial to the people of the region in general and Meghalaya in particular. The HNYF asserted that the intention to shift the office has done without the knowledge of the State Government whereas all central projects need proper consultation with State Government with regards to permissions, land acquisitions, NOCs and others. But in this case it seems that the State Government and the public of Meghalaya are not aware of.

HNYF lamented that the Head Quarter of NEEPCO has so far served the purposed of employing the locals of Meghalaya in various capacities and it also created the opportunities of indirect employment in the forms of contracts, supplies and other outsources employment . It is also to be noted that NEEPCO spent a huge chunk of its CSR allocation in the state of Meghalaya. The HNYF appeal to the state government to intervene in a way that even if NEEPCO is sold out to NTPC the head quarter of NTPC must remain in Shillong since NEEPCO has already acquired land in Mawdiangdiang, New Shillong upto 22 acres for permanent colony and office complex and other VIP residential.


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