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Flash Back November 1996

Rishang in dilemma over Revenue District Demand

Sadar Hills lies between Imphal and Senapati, dominated by Kuki tribes besides Tangkhul, Kabui, Thangal, Nepali (a negligible number). The district was bifurcated from the Imphal district during the 70s by the Centre after proper authentication and vis - a – vis, the area, the population and the boundary from whence, it was named an ‘Autonomous District Council’ headquartered at Kanpokpi. An Additional District Commissioner looks after the administration of the district. Assurances for the official declaration of the full autonomy for the district remained a ‘verbose row’ though such pledges were stock – piled in the revenue files of Imphal’s Secretariat.

After an odyssey of ‘tamed activity’ the Sadar Hills District Demand Committee (SHDDC) tightened its belt to achieve the demand, blocking the NH – 39 and 53, the only two lifelines of the state. This rocked the assembly session from the 9th of September resulting in pandemonium between the CM and the opposition members on the floor of the House most of whom were for the inauguration of the district along with the Imphal East on October 2. To cure his political agony, the Chief Minister and his Revenue Minister Mr. Hellaludin at least danced to the demand committee’s tune, assuring to inaugurate the district on the 2nd of October, following which ...