Letter from the Editor

It is a very complex scenario in the world of politics today. One of the main reasons for it is the emerging powerhouses in Asia i.e. China and India. China’s quest for supremacy and world domination is known to all. India on the other hand is a beacon of hope for all who believe in Democracy.

The Doklam issue is one of the major talking points for world today. However, will Doklam actually lead to a full scale war between the two countries? Seems highly improbable! Though history tells us that in the past, we have had countries develop sour relations for ridiculous reason like the ‘Pig War’ between the United States and Great Britain in 1859 on San Juan Island. It must be noted that although the edge on land is with China (more so because of its infrastructure built around the borders) but India has its aces in the sea. 80% of China’s fuel goes through the Malacca strait and 25% of world trade through this narrow strait. India has a naval edge in the region with countries around the strait having strained ties with China. In South East Asia, China has been the biggest bully of the region. This time in Doklam, India perhaps has caught the Chinese off- guard as we have called their bluff. Our cover story takes an in depth look into the importance and significance of the Doklam issue.

This issue carries a special freedom feature wherein the participation of women from Assam along with Paona Brajabashi of Manipur in the freedom struggle has been reminisced. This will highlight how the people of Northeast India fought against the sinister designs of the British.

In the beginning of the month a terrible tragedy took place in Upper Assam. The Assam Valley School which is one of the better known educational institutes in our region could not do justice to the image it has meticulously created over the years. The school handled the case of a student who was brutally assaulted by fellow students in the worst possible manner. An in depth analysis of the same has been carried which will help the reader understand how trivial are the lives of students when it comes to the cause of self preservation of an institute. Yes, 24 hours had passed and even then a very serious injury was being called a minor one by the doctors of the institute. Only time will tell how the three students involved in the entire episode will come out of this trauma.

This 15th August let’s celebrate an Independence Day in which we promise thatNation comes first - beyond the divide of caste, creed, social standing or political tout.

Jai Hind!

Harsh Jhunjhunwala