Letter from the Editor  

 November 2008

The current financial turmoil and the liquidity crunch has shaken the confidence of investors all over the world. India is no exception. Our share market was crushed and small investors were ruined. In such a scenario, the real estate business in Guwahati city is growing with geometric proportion and the entry of various branded malls and shopping complexes is definitely an indication of the city’s economic strength.At such a time, the serial bomb blasts on the 31st of October 2008 have shaken the city and condemnations of these blasts; as is the norm in such incidents, came from many dignitaries. Understandably, the anger of the people knew no bounds. Buses and government vehicles were torched. The total scene which was telecasted on local TV channels only added to the anger of the people.

Though many have termed these blasts as a routine attack by ULFA, yet, some strongly believe that ULFA lacks the technical know how to fashion such high intensity bombs. ULFA too has denied its hand. There is no confirmation as to who is behind these blasts but the presence of ISI and involvement of Indian Mujahideen is strongly suspected. The Central government did warn the Assam government of the possibility of such blasts. Whether it is an intelligence failure or otherwise, the fact remains that terrorism has spread its wings and engulfed almost 60% of the country’s geographical area. The need of the hour is to find a permanent solution to terrorism. This is the time for toning the total police administration, its technological upgradation and a tough stand by all political parties irrespective of which ideology they follow. The roots of terrorism need to be severed and destroyed. The militant camps in Bangladesh and Myanmar must be destroyed whether diplomatically or politically. If the government fails to show its strength now, the future may leave it no room to do so. The demand for the resignation of Tarun Gogoi is unwarranted and what is needed is a confirmed commitment that the government will ensure that such incidents are not repeated again. This is the challenge before the Gogoi government.There may be many problems involved but the fact still remains that a solution needs to be worked out by those who are sitting at the helm of affairs. 66 deaths in Assam on the 31st of October were indeed too deep for tears.

We at Eastern Panorama extend our condolences to the bereaved families who have suffered such a great loss on this dark day.



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