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Letter from the Editor-In-Chief - Oh No, Not Again

December, 2008

The shock of the October bomb blasts at Guwahati is still fresh in the minds of the people of the region. Before this shock could even fade out of the minds of the people, we see yet another major terrorist attack at Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

Nearly two hundred lives were lost in the three day battle. What the incident indicates is that our policies, intelligence and alertness regarding terrorism has failed.

We from Eastern Panorama have been repeatedly writing on terrorism and have even pointed out the locations of specific terrorist camps at Bangladesh. We have also pointed out that the disease called ‘terrorism’ is spreading its wings all over the country and needs to be curtailed.

The incident at Mumbai has exposed many things:

Firstly, the intelligence of the country is too weak and uncoordinated and the system has collapsed.  Such a high number of major explosions in so many different parts of the country could not have happened if this was not the case. 

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