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Meghalaya Wushu without proper arena for competition

The ongoing Meghalaya games 2020 saw vast participant of sportspersons in numerous discipline. Wushu is also one of the disciplines that are being played in the Meghalaya Games. Wushu is a hard and soft and complete martial art, as well as a full-contact sport. The ongoing Meghalaya game is a sad love affair for Wushu, as the close combat sports do not have a proper arena in the State. In the ongoing competition the mats used for Wushu is being hired from SAI Polo Shillong which is used for Judo. This close combat sport requires immediate attention from the state government.

General Secretary of Meghalaya Wushu Association Jerry Fiscal Wankhar said that organizing Wushu competition in the State is quite challenging as there is no proper arena for the Association to organized competition.

“Till date the state government though from time to time has help the athletes to participate in various National level but till date the government has not given any financial support to the organization in setting up its own Wushu arena in the State” he added.

Despite the lack of infrastructure and equipment the Meghalaya Wushsu Association is doing all it can to make the Meghalaya Games success. All together there are 154 participants participating in different weight categories from 11 district of Meghalaya.

President of Meghalaya Wushu Association D. Rani said that due to lack of arena it is very difficult for the association to train its athletes to become top Wushu player in the country or beyond the country.

“Due to the lack of arena the players are force to train using Judo mats from Polo which can be very dangerous due to the lightness of the mat, since Wushu involved slamming and pushing the opponent on the ground it is very dangerous for our young boys and girls to train in such poor quality mats given by the SAI Polo” he added.

D. Rani also said that Meghalaya Wushu is the only Wushu Association where the players do not get its own arena for practice.