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MCTA accused College governing body of discriminating teachers

Members of the Meghalaya College Teachers Associations (MCTA) alleged the Governing body of St Edmund Colleges of discriminating the Teaching Faculty by setting different rules and regulation in the college. General Secretary of MCTA Professor Amanda Basaiwmoit this act of the governing body is a violation of the fundamentals rights of the teacher’s individually. She added that no Governing body can make different rule for teachers who performed the same duty with same qualification employed by the same institution. The Association will seek the intervention of both Minister of education and Director of education said Professor Batskhem Myrboh who is the Joint Secretary of MCTA.  

Professor Shiv K Pradhan Joint Secretary Academics with NEHU Matters said that such steps by the Governing Body of any college will led to the feeling of discrimination the teaching faculty of teachers. These separate rules led to differences of salaries among teachers.