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North East Food Show to be held Shillong

The Government of Meghalaya and the ‘Comexposium India’ have decided jointly to organize the North East Food Show at Shillong between 4th and 6th of December, 2019. The food Show will be organized by the Government of Meghalaya and the M/s Intr Ads, New Delhi with the support of ‘Salon Internation de l'Agroalimentaire’ better known as SIAl


The mega food event, to be known as the 'North East Food Show by Meghalaya and SIAL', will be held at the NEHU campus, Shillong. The Government of Meghalaya notified an Advisory Council and the first meeting of the Advisory Council was held today, the 19th June 2019 which was widely attended by representatives of the North Eastern states and the central government bodies, representatives of various food based industries, representatives of various organizations within the hospitality sector and the various associations related to food sector.


The first Advisory Council meeting held today discussed several meaningful issues relating to the conduct of the event and several useful suggestions have been noted and will be acted upon by the partners. This will be the first event of its kind being participated in by SIAL in the Northeast, and the state seeks to emerge as a food processing hub for the whole north east as well the other south-east Asian countries, in times to come. The SIAL feels it to be a big movement forward in generating awareness and building networks relating to the food sector in the region and commits itself to the successful conduct of the event in December 2019.


The partners are happy and proud to announce that a new chapter in the history of food processing and the food service industry of Meghalaya and the North East has been opened and hope that it will unleash new energies in the region. Through this partnership it is sought to bring together, showcase and introduce the food and food products of the North East to the Global audience.


The partners believe that the North East Food Show will be a unique opportunity for both Meghalaya and the entire North East region, to reach out to the global community, create international platforms for food business, new markets for unique food products which are native to the region, access to new technologies and unlocking overseas marketing opportunities for the farmers of the North East. The Food Show will also be an occasion for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector to expand further. The partners commit themselves to make this unique North East Food Show an unparalleled success.