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Committee on Environment pushes for strong environment laws

The Committee on Environment of the Legislative Assembly today conducts a surprise checking of the Greater Shillong Water Supply water treatment plant and JNV School Sewage Treatment Plant. The committee was headed by Chairman H.M Shangpliang, Renington Tongkhar, Miani D Shira and S. K Sun.

The Committee on Environment is constituted to check on factors leading to Environmental hazard in the State.  Speaking during the meeting H.M Shangpliang said that it is learnt that since the Wastages Treatment does not function hence wastages from JNV School directly flow downstream to the main reservoir. The committee will again sit for the meeting of all Government Department to discuss and frame guidelines for all industrial sectors in the State. The committee will also conduct surprise checking to rivers across the state.

Meanwhile S.K Sun said that the Government through the PHE will push the Government of Meghalaya to declare Umiew River as ‘National Wetland’ in order to protect the area. The Shillong water supply phase III aims to provide water to every citizen by the year 2030.  S. K Sun added that strong laws will be push to implement in order to save other drinking water reservoir in the State. He added that due to excessive mining of lime stone, sand and quarry many rivers are in bad conditions which are unfit for drinking.