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Speak Out

Nisha Sethia

Prostitution or commercial sex, is the business of engaging in sexual relations or sexual acts in exchange for payment or some other benefit. A person who works in this field is called a prostitute, and is a sex worker. Despite being known as the world’s oldest profession, it is constantly looked down upon by society, especially in India. In India, prostitution is not a criminal offense, but soliciting prostitution and prostitution in a public place are illegal. The question arises should prostitution be legalised in India? Should prostitution fight for legal rights?


Grassroot and Catapult, an NGO working for women’s welfare jointly organized a debate competition as a part of the launching of a two-day campaign – “Speak out and fight back” to counter the issue by giving women survivors the freedom to use their right entitlement and give women the financial freedom and support to pursue their cases in the Judiciary, considering the legal fees of good lawyers to be high where most times, the survivors and their families are unable to afford legal fees.

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