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Gazing At The Thermometer of Political Climate 

U Sumer Sing Sawian

The just concluded by-elections in the seven District Council seats, six in Khasi Hills, and one in the Jaintia Hills, in normal circumstances, would not be having that much of importance, but for the general elections in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, due in 2018, has gained significance. The tone of the campaign by the various parties and candidates was not so vociferous. 

The thirty three candidates contesting in the fray though, have raised certain issues, specially of strengthening of the powers of the District Council, focusing upon empowerment of the grass root administration of the traditional Dorbar. Concern was also expressed of the dilly-dally attitude of the State government in giving assent to the legislative bills passed by the councils, in various aspects. Also on the trend of the state government, to encroach upon areas under jurisdiction of the Councils, in an attempt to impose building restrictions.

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