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K.V. Venugopal

The uncalled-for controversy occurred when the actor Aushka Sharma had delivered a dialogue from the film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ to her co-star and hero, Ranbir Kapoor, “Mohammed Rafi gathe nahi, rohthethe”(Rafi did not sing, he cried). This comment has infuriated a section of people in the film industry, as well as a large number of followers of Mohammed Rafi. 

Having authored over ten books on entertainment side’s aural waves, Ravi Menon, Head of Mathrubhumi, Music Research, became furious over the producer-director Karan Johar’s inclusion of that dialogue in the film.

 It is natural for Mr Menon and the die-hard fans of Mohammed Rafi to indulge in nostalgia, if one hear the songs, ranging from ‘Suhani raat dhal Chuke’, to ‘Duniyake Rakhwale,’, ‘Madhuban ki Radhika nachere,’ Tu Hindu Banega na Musalman banega’, ‘Nein ladgaye re’, ‘Mere Mehboob Tuje’, ‘Chahunga mein tuje, sam savere’ & ‘Bharon Phool Barsao’, among others. Lata Mangeskar said after his demise on July 31, 1980 , “From classical to ghazal, Rafi Saheb had everyththing in his stride”.

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