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This is not Kashmir! BARAK VALLEY Pre-monsoon deluge

By Jyotilal Choudhury

The record breaking torrential rains of 85 mm in the early three days of April across Barak Valley and the subsequent unstoppable downpours sent alarm bell, creating panic among the people. It was unprecedented as the incessant downpours in the hills and the plains led to swelling of river Barak and all its tributaries.

The spilling over of the waters from the rivers led to the inundation of not only the low lying areas but also highways and roads in different parts of the valley.

The gushing down of rain waters from the hills in Srikona on a dark midnight near this town culminated in a sort of natural disaster which took in its grip 25 residential houses and claimed the life of an ailing woman Apurba Bhattacharjee aged 32 year. As the outlet for the gushing waters from the hills was blocked by the construction company engaged in the widening and improvement of Silchar-Karimganj highway, the backlash of hilly waters not only penetrated deep but also cut off the highway for 5 to 6 metres.

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