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By Sumar Sing Sawian

The “Politicking” clock in Meghalaya is ticking away. Alarm bells soon would be ringing for the wake-up to the general elections in the state, just round the turning in 2018. The scene is however in the backdrop of confusion, considering the governance in the state by the Congress-led Meghalaya United Alliance.

 It is a foregone conclusion that the coalition partners of the government would fall apart and take their own path in fighting out against each other to gain the “Power Cup” for five year tenure. Already there is a divide between the regional and national parties in the forming of any alliance which is out of the question.

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The Indian National Congress, a strong contender, being a seasoned and old warrior in the state’s politics is hoping against hope that it would retain power with the back-up of regional forces and independents, if the party does not reach the finishing line on its own in the final results.