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Birubala Rabha A woman of Substance

 By Kishore Talukdar

Birubala Rabha has made a plea to Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council RHAC to give incentives to her dream project of setting up a shelter house for the victims of the witch hunt. “We have submitted a project in February this year in this connection. Erecting the shelter is imperative at this hour because once we provide them the security of permanent shelter, they can lead a stable life,” Birubala Rabha felt. When asked on this matter, Chief of RHAC Tankeshawr Rabha told: “We are contemplating on the matter. ”Dr Natyabir Das, coordinator of Birubala Mission told that there would be an office, production cum sale centre and a residential unit in the project.

Since most of the victims have a flair for weaving, the project will be kicked off by providing infrastructure for weaving. Later on, fishery culture and vegetables farming will be started in the plot. “Given the availability of the raw materials like bamboo and cane including their craftsman ship, bamboo and cane-based hand crafted items will be made. The bamboo-based products have market potential as well,” Das adds. Referring to a victim who is skilled at making excellent handcrafted items and has the potential of becoming a trainer, Das continued “The victim is living a life of hell, despite having tremendous potential of becoming hand-crafted artisan. The lady is not a victim of witchcraft but of violence. We have helped her earn her source of sustenance.” We are emphatic on ensuring economic security to them to help them attain selfdependency.”