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Cataclysmic Downpour At Mizoram

                                                                                         -Rashmi Mizar

We are all mesmerised with the onset of monsoon. At present, with the high temperatures prevailing around the globe leading to global warming, people are craving around with thirst, sweat and uneasiness as if the fire is bolting from the sun especially in the plain areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and so on with temperatures rising above 40 degree Celsius and on the other hand farmers struggling for the land to prevent it from deserting; at such a time they often look up at the sky with the hope that the God of Rain impels blessings on them with atleast a few droplets on their barren land. Rain to them is so soothing like a mother’s love to an infant. But do we still dare to see when we see the catastrophe of nature in some parts of India where people are becoming homeless due to heavy rainfall.


In the state of Mizoram situated at the North East part of India, it seems the Rain God is out bursting with anger, impelling thousands of people to leave their homes. Though landlocked and a hilly state, it is not free from flood due to occurrence of torrential rain. According to Mizoram State Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Department since 9 June approximately 878 houses have been submerged and destroyed, where more than 12 people were proclaimed dead.